Allen & Heath QU-32 Digitalmixer

  • 38 IN/28 OUT Digital Mixer
  • Bis zu 11 Mixe
  • 4 FX Engines
  • 4 Mute Gruppen

85,00  (zzgl. MwSt)


32 Mono Mic/Line Inputs (TRS + XLR)
Recallable AnaLOGIQ(TM) Preamps
3 Stereo Inputs (TRS)
24 Mix Outputs (XLR)
4 Stereo Groups (switchable to Mix mode)
Up to 11 Monitor Mixes (4 mono + 7 stereo)
2 Stereo Matrix Outs
4 FX Engines
4 dedicated FX Sends / Returns
4 Mute Groups
4 DCA Groups
AES Digital Out
32×32 USB Audio Interface
dSNAKETM Remote Audio Port
33 Motor Faders
7” Touchscreen
10 Soft Keys
Trim, polarity, HPF, gate, insert, 4-band PEQ, compressor, delay on all Inputs
Insert, 4-band PEQ, 1/3 octave GEQ, compressor, delay on all Outputs
Automatic Mic Mixer
Channel Ducker on all Inputs
ProFactory Mic Presets
RackFX Library
Built-in Signal Generator
RTA with Peak Band indication
Spectrogram to aid feedback elimination and room acoustics
Qu-Drive Direct Multitrack Recording / Playback on USB drives
DAW MIDI Control
Qu-Pad iPad App
Qu-You iPhone / Android personal monitoring app
vQu-Control customisable iOS app for simple wireless control
Compatible with ME Personal Mixing System

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